Vondelgym 's Playtime is a sports program for children. And for their parents.

You can't start early enough with sport! Therefore, Vondelgym's Playtime offers bootcamp and crossfit programs for children from 6 months old. Together with their father or mother.

The Vondelgym's Playtime workouts help you and your children become stronger and improve your condition, they give you energy and provide a lot of fun. Working out with your child strengthens the parent-child bond. Moreover, you do not need a babysitter to be able to exercise. Exactly what you need as a young parent.

We hope to see you on one of our trainings!

Vondelgym's Playtime provides training for children of the following ages:

Bootcamp classes

  • 6 months to 2 years (bootcamp together with parents)
  • 2 years to 4 years (bootcamp together with parents)
  • 5 years to 11 years ( bootcamp together with parents)

Crossfit classes

  • 4 years to 7 years (without parents)
  • 8 years to 12 years (without parents)

For kids from 12 to 18 years we have the Vondelgym Rookies program. Bootcamp, crossfit, fitness and boxing in one plan.

A summery:

  • You work out together with your child for about an hour, so you do not need a babysitter
  • For children, it is a first time experience with the benefits of movement, at an early age. For parents, it is a full bootcamp workout
  • We work out in small groups, around ten parents with their children
  • The training is suitable for all levels
  • The trainings can be followed on various (public) locations
  • Working out together with your child strengthens the mutual bond
  • Playtime works with qualified coaches, with broad experience in sports
  • Payment per class possible

Our story

For young parents with a busy schedule, it often seems impossible to combine young children and a workout schedule. And it sometimes seems to be underestimated how important exercise is for you and your child. But even more underestimated is the importance of moving (and playing) together. An one hour exercise (read: playtime) together with your child seems even more impossible. But it is important for the development of your child, your own health and the relationship you have with your child. One hour a week already gives a lot of result. 

Two years ago Vondelgym's Playtime was founded, with the goal to provide sports for as many children as possible. Playtime now provides training to children with and without parents, at various locations in Amsterdam. The more children move, the better. And the more fun children and their parents have in moving, the closer we get to our goal!